When your cases require your appearance in Cleveland, Ohio or your witness in a local case is anywhere in the world where you are not, an effective solution to taking depositions without the hassle and cost of travel is videoconferencing.

Incredible advancements in encrypted, cloud-based VTC technology over the past few years alone has not only made videoconferencing extremely cost-effective, but has also brought an end to the days of bulky equipment, annoying delays, and grainy pictures.

CRP is proud to offer two videoconferencing solutions to best meet the demands and time constraints of 21st Century complex litigation.


Our office in Cleveland’s vibrant Ohio City neighborhood offers two conference rooms equipped with Zoom VTC. We always use an ethernet connection for picture and VoIP for audio, ensuring that your connection to anywhere in the world will be secure and uninterrupted. Offsite locations will connect with us via secure link from any laptop/desktop or mobile device, or through SIP or IP from traditional VTC equipment.


Along with a seamless VTC experience, depositions held in our office include the following amenities:

  • Access to 50pp per minute scanner and 60pp per minute printer to quickly distribute any last-minute exhibits to all parties in all locations
  • Full tech support for the entirety of your deposition
  • Complimentary coffee/snack bar
  • Countless cafes, restaurants, and delis within walking distance for lunch breaks


For circumstances where you cannot make it to Cleveland in person for a deposition, and your witness cannot make it to our office, let CRP bring the videoconferencing offsite! To accommodate witness or counsel preferred locations, CRP court reporters are happy to provide an extra SSD high-speed laptop to run the remote VTC and will connect with all parties via secure link or IP. Remote VTC is especially convenient when deposing busy experts, physicians and other healthcare providers, allowing them to be deposed at their location without spending any time for travel to our office.

Visit our scheduling page or the box below to book your next videoconference deposition with us, or call us any time at (216) 459-7880 to learn more about all of our VTC options that will best suit your case.

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