Christine Zarife Green - court reporter

Christine Zarife Green, CRI

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Christine has been serving the Cleveland legal community as a court reporter since 2008. Not only has she perfected her craft by reporting in every aspect of the law, including complex jury trials, medical-malpractice, and technical expert witness depositions, Christine has given back to the city and her profession by earning her Court Reporting Instructor (CRI) certification in 2008, sharing her experience and expertise with court reporting students through 2015, and ensuring that Cleveland will always have talented reporters coming out of school with the tools and skills necessary to serve the future legal community.

Christine is known by her clients and colleagues for her sunny disposition and laid-back attitude, even when she has been in deposition all day and is asked for a next-day final transcript. She prides herself on providing exceptional client services, including same-day rough drafts and expedited finals, and possesses a meticulous attention to detail and an unmatched perfectionism, which translates into flawless transcripts.

Christine is now one of three owners and partners in Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC, and is looking forward to serving the Cleveland legal community for many years to come, as well as continuing to perfect her craft.

Grace Hilpert-Roach - court reporter

Grace Hilpert-Roach, RPR

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Grace has been serving the Cleveland legal community as a court reporter since 1992. She has extensive experience in all realms of litigation, which include trials/hearings in Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court, and Juvenile Court. With her sights always set on the end result of providing her clients with a product that exceeds their expectations, Grace has an unmatched reputation of delivering high-quality transcripts in a timely manner, including offering realtime, exceptional same-day rough drafts, or expedited finals. As one of Cleveland’s most recognizable, well-respected professional court reporters, she has been involved in depositions in many areas of the law, including medical-malpractice, patent infringement, employment, aviation, environmental, financial services regulations, as well as expert witness depositions in the most challenging technical arenas.

Grace is now one of three owners and partners in Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC, and after 25 years, still loves going to work every day in this demanding profession, and looks forward to serving the needs of the Cleveland legal community for many years to come with the integrity that she has portrayed to all who have come to know her and request her.

Todd L. Persson - court reporter

Todd L. Persson

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Todd has been serving the Cleveland legal community as a court reporter since 2002, and quickly established himself as one of the city’s most professional, dependable reporters. Because of his reputation and expertise in providing extremely clean same-day rough drafts and next-day final transcripts, Todd has been taken by local clients all over the country for complex depositions and realtime arbitrations, including New York, Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Birmingham and Chicago, as well as Columbus and Cincinnati on a regular basis. While he does enjoy the travel, Todd is most proud to be serving the exceptional legal community right here at home; Cleveland, Ohio. Todd has reported cases in all realms of the legal field, from the very simple to the most complex, and prides himself on his endurance, attention to detail, timeliness and perfectionism.

Todd has spoken on the future of court reporting and technology on the Stenographers World Radio national podcast, has had blogs featured nationally by the National Court Reporters Association and the American Translators Association, and has had articles published in the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal.

Todd is now one of three owners and partners in Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC, and looks forward to serving the Cleveland legal community well into the future.

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