Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC is a full-service litigation support firm founded upon the philosophy of direct, streamlined communication between us and our clients. With input from local attorneys and paralegals, we created our business model with a focus on efficiency in communication channels to ensure a hassle-free experience from scheduling to final delivery of our products. This means that CRP has completely eliminated any kind of middle-man structure, and our clients can be sure that any time they contact us they are speaking with an expert in litigation support technology and services, whether it be court reporting or legal videography.

Cleveland Reporting Partner’s talented partners and court reporters are trained in and utilize the latest AudioSync technology to ensure 100 percent accurate transcripts, no matter how many people in the room are speaking over each other. In a perfect world, no one ever speaks over each other, but we realize it’s human nature in conversation, it’s a daily part of our job, and we use this technology to handle it without constantly interrupting. This technology, combined with our talent, enable us to produce flawless, video-quality transcripts every time.

We are experts in court reporting and know what services may really help you depending on your case and your time constraints. Check out the services we offer below, briefly tell us about your case, and let’s work together to provide you with the exact services you need.

  • Standard Court Reporting
    • Seven calendar-day regular delivery
    • Standard transcript order includes: PDF full-size, PDF condensed, PDF exhibit bundled full-size, PTX e-tran.
    • Scanned exhibits e-mailed with transcript. Hard copy (full-size and/or mini) upon request.
  • Competitive Rates
  • Word Index
  • Expedited Transcripts: Tell us when you need it, you will have it
  • Realtime: Remote and/or wireless
  • Rough Draft: Same day e-mailed roughs (TXT, PDF and/or PTX)
  • HIPAA-Compliant Online Office & Repository
  • Conference Room: Our office is equipped with a large, en suite conference room. Visit our contact page to learn more.
  • Complimentary Travel: Case dependent. We realize you go out of town for depositions and arbitrations. Bring your favorite, dependable court reporter with you.

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If you need assistance deciding what services you need, call us or email us, and we will work with you to get it right.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you schedule a service using email or this form, our services are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email. For same-day services, please call us at 216.459.7880 to schedule your expedited service to ensure we have received your request.