Cleveland Reporting Partners Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

As the 2017 calendar flipped from February to March this morning and meteorological spring in Northeast Ohio begins, Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC is so proud to celebrate our official one-year anniversary! It seems like only yesterday we were signing a lease on our office space and buying furniture, but it really has been an incredibly productive year filled with interesting challenges, momentous breakthroughs and, above all else, sustained growth and expansion in every aspect of our business.

We would like to personally thank all our clients and litigation support affiliates for their invaluable support, encouragement and input that allowed us to grow and evolve into the company we are now just one short year into our operations.

We started with a vision of something different for the Cleveland legal community with a company mantra and philosophy that would be forever fluid and dynamic, never static, improving every day as the needs of our clients shift or completely change. Our intent was never to build a company that is yet another iteration of older models that already exist, but to explore and create new solutions to litigation challenges with a focus on efficiency and client demands. As such, our business model was created from the perspective of a litigator, and we imagined what we would expect from the litigation support we would want to work with. This approach allows us to see our own business from the outside looking in and gives us a working clarity when identifying new solutions to complex issues that arise day in and day out in discovery.

As our existing clients have already found out about us: When you are working with Cleveland Reporting Partners, you are working with a litigation and discovery support partner and consultant…NOT just another vendor. CRP cares about the Cleveland legal community, we care about Cleveland as a whole, and we always strive to create the highest value to our clients in all the products and services we provide. We have enjoyed several client reviews that speak to this, and we’d invite you to read them at your leisure.

Again, thank you to everyone who has helped us improve and grow in our first year, and we look forward to seeing you out in the field in 2017!

Sincerely and gratefully,

CRP Co-Founders and Partners – Grace Hilpert-Roach, Christine Zarife Green and Todd L. Persson

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