7 Benefits of MP4 Video Deposition Streaming Capability

It is 2017, and we live in a streaming-dominated world. We stream our entertainment and our news. We often stream out of boredom while waiting in lines, sitting in the airport or on a plane, or just about any other place where we find ourselves in an unavoidable state of static inertia with nothing but time to kill and a device in our hands. Thus, it may be time to expect secure streaming capabilities from your litigation support for all your video depositions.

Is it time we ditch the DVD format when it comes to video depositions? Well, not completely. There are still instances where you will need your DVDs, such as when you are in a trial playback at a venue with limited or no wifi access or technology to support streaming. But you can come pretty close to eliminating these relics completely by working with litigation support and court reporting firms who offer video streaming as part of their client repository.

Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC created its business model from the perspective of a litigator, and we imagined what tools we would want or expect from the litigation support we would work with. Video deposition streaming was very high on that list, as many of us at CRP do not  even have DVD/CD-ROM drives on our laptops, and we are frequently using tablets which obviously do not have this hardware. Because of this, when we created our online client office and repository, CRP Direct, video streaming capability was a must.

7 Benefits of Video Deposition Streaming

1. It’s Secure

Our cloud storage partner and host of CRP Direct is incredibly secure with 256-bit AES encryption, which is the level of security used by the Federal Government for Top Secret files and beyond the level of encryption required by HIPAA. All your videos are password protected with passwords that you create and can change at any time. Simply let us know who in your practice will need access, and CRP will make sure access is granted with separate passwords for all members of your team.

2. It’s Immediate

Log in to CRP Direct and start watching. It’s that simple. No waiting, no downloading, no hassle. Easily and quickly navigate through the entire file using your touchscreen or click and drag with a mouse on the play bar. Of course, if you need to download onto your computer or thumb drive, just click “download.”

3. It’s Ultra-Responsive

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, accessing and streaming all your video depositions in CRP Direct is effortless and ultra-responsive. No more searching for all your DVDs in a matter where there have been many video depositions taken. They are all right in front of you on any of your screens and ready for viewing. Easily jump from one deposition to the next without the hassle and bulk of hard copy DVDs.

4. It’s Convenient

No longer are you bound by the memory constraints of the device you are using. Lengthy video depositions can be many, many gigs in file size, so without streaming capability, viewing your video depositions on tablets and smartphones would not be possible. Let CRP worry about file sizes and memory space, and you can focus on your work product freely on any of your favorite devices.

5. It’s Time-Saving

All members of your team will have immediate access to all video depositions in a case, even if you are all over the country. No more waiting for DVD copies to be made or ordered and sent around the country in the mail. You can all stream simultaneously no matter where you are, anytime, on any device.

6. It’s High Quality

For streaming capability to work in CRP Direct, our cloud storage partner requires files of MP4 quality or greater. Does this mean that you will pay extra for the higher quality video files? Absolutely not. Cleveland Reporting Partners is proud to offer as standard MP4 files with your electronic file order.

7. It Will Streamline Your Workload

Imagine having the freedom to annotate in a transcript file or have a Word document open while working on a depo summary without having to click in and out of tabs on your desktop or laptop and having your video deps seamlessly streaming on a tablet next to your computer. Or imagine not having to pack or worry about misplacing physical DVDs when working on a large case out of town. All your videos will be at your fingertips whenever you want them, on whatever device you choose to work on. These and other conveniences are possible when working with litigation support who offer video streaming capabilities.

Again, there may be times when you must have a DVD copy of any video deposition, and we know this. CRP is happy to provide DVDs for any video depositions ordered. At the end of every job, our CLVS videographers will always ask you what formats you require. However, when you work with Cleveland Reporting Partners, we encourage taking advantage of the video streaming capabilities we have put into place for your convenience and ease. Our clients know that if they ever have any questions or concerns, tech support is a simple phone call or email away.

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