Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC Introduces Completely Paperless Records Retrieval Services

Cleveland Reporting Partners, LLC is proud to now offer completely electronic and 100% HIPAA compliant records retrieval services to all our existing and potential clients around the world.

After working with a few attorneys and paralegals in beta phase for over a year, CRP Records was developed using the same core philosophies that drive our court reporting, legal video, videoconferencing, and subpoena services: responsiveness, efficiency and follow-through.


In discussions with some of our busiest client litigators, the topic of records retrieval would often come up, and we began to research what goes into running a successful records retrieval business. Before long, we were looking for ways to improve upon what we were already seeing in the marketplace, and CRP Records was born.

We knew from the outset we wanted to develop a completely paperless system that would significantly expedite the whole process from request to delivery, but at the same time recognizing and complying with all HIPAA and PHI laws to ensure patient confidentiality and data security. We had to look no further than our existing CRP Direct platform to fully integrate and execute a modern, user-friendly, paperless records retrieval experience.


HIPAA and PHI are no joke. Who bears the responsibility of a potential breach of sensitive data is something every third-party vendor needs to think about when running a business where data is shared electronically.

Cleveland Reporting Partners has entered into Business Associate Agreements with global leaders in cloud storage and online facsimile providers to ensure that we operate on only the most secure HIPAA servers. CRP Records is housed and operated on ultra-modern, reliable servers, giving our clients the peace of mind that all data they share with us (and that we deliver to them) will be completely secure and reliable. Bottom line is every piece of data exchanged through CRP Records is run on modern cipher suite TLS 1.2 HIPPA servers using AES_256_GCM encryption, backed by appropriate Business Associate Agreements.


With initial CRP Records systems in place, it was time to test all aspects with actual cases from actual clients. CRP enjoys great relationships with our clients, and we were able to convince a few of them to entrust us with retrieving the records in their cases in an initial beta phase to find out what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, what can be significantly improved upon to get to the efficiency we know our clients wanted and deliver a product we could be confident enough in to be able to offer it to any existing or potential client.

After a little over a year in beta trials and extensive feedback from our clients, processes were tweaked, some were eliminated, and others were streamlined to the point that our clients were receiving their records two or three times quicker than what they were used to. We knew it was time to launch CRP Records to the general litigation population.


The advantages of completely paperless records retrieval services are obvious. But why would litigators want to outsource records retrieval in the first place for their cases? The answer is pretty simple, and we learned it very quickly in the CRP Records beta phase.

While the process of records retrieval by no means requires advanced degrees of any sort, what it does require is time and patience. And a lot of both. Besides the time involved in locating providers, preparing request faxes, and dealing with custodian fee invoices, the time required for follow up after requests have been sent is a full-time job alone.

Furthermore, when choosing to outsource to a paperless records retrieval service provider, paralegals or attorneys will spend zero time or resources scanning and Bates labeling mountains of paper records once they are delivered.

These are billable hours to your client, not to mention time that could be used actually reviewing records already received and preparing your trial or settlement strategies. The monetary costs of outsourcing records retrieval will be far, far less than the billable hours of a paralegal or an attorney performing these laborious tasks themselves, ultimately saving your clients significant amounts of money in any type of litigation.

The mission of CRP Records is simple: Let us handle the retrieval so that your time and resources can be focused solely on litigation. Visit our CRP Records page to learn more about our ultra-modern, paperless records retrieval process.


Cleveland Reporting Partners was born out of the idea that we can provide litigation support services more efficiently, with superior responsiveness, and cutting out as much redundancy as we possibly could compared to others in our marketplace. The overwhelming feedback over our three and a half years in existence has confirmed to us that we are successfully doing what we set out to do.

With the confidence we have in all the litigation support services we have offered since inception, we are so proud to offer this new records retrieval service and are excited to provide this new service to our clients and potential clients going forward with that same confidence that basically says: If you have to follow up with us for anything without us reaching out to you first, we are not doing our job.

If you are interested in becoming a CRP Records client, or to learn more about any of our other litigation support services, reach out to us at (216) 459-7880, or email us at scheduling@CLEreporting.com or Records@CLEreporting.com and start experiencing a different kind of litigation support.

As always, we look forward to seeing you out in the field!

CRP Co-Founders:

Todd L. Persson

Grace Hilpert-Roach

Christine Zarife Green


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